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IgG Food Allergy: Diagnostics and Guidance

Your Building
Blocks for
a better active life

IgG Food Allergy:
Diagnostics and Guidance

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IgG Food Allergy

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Boost Your Health and Energy with ImPro

IgG food hypersensitivities can lead to health problems and fatigue

Why is it so important to watch one’s diet with increasing age? When you are a so called “best ager”, you might notice that from time to time you are lacking power and energy and that things which you used to do quickly and easily might all of a sudden cause you trouble. An optimal diet can help you to find the path back to a better active life. Identifying “trigger foods” that are causing problems and changing your diet with the ImuPro Nutritional Concept might be a powerful tool

to identify

  • the possible causes of your fatigue
  • your trigger foods which you should avoid

to boost

  • health and energy
  • your overall performance

How to achieve a life full of power and energy? IgG food hypersensitivities can cause inflammatory reactions which may lead to chronic complaints. This can make you feel exhausted, tired and run-down. There is a great deal you can do yourself to get healthier and feel better – just by following your ImuPro diet.